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How Come No One Is Reading My Blogs?

Jul 27, 2020 • Posted By Chimes Consulting

Why Is No One Reading My Blogs? 

The surge of blogs early on in the rise and use of social media are in archaic platforms such as Multiply, Geocities, and even he still-standing Blogger. Though they weren't the only ones back in the early 2000's to have a blog-type website hosting service, they were the most accessible when it came to having your domain, at least as far as free content is concerned.

Just like real estate properties, people who were smart enough to buy domains to websites would catch a substantia profit off of titles to sites. Since it is a taxing job to buy a domain and build websites from the ground up, people turned to the accessibility of template-blogging sites to serve their purpose. Not only did these web hosting sites come with free templates and a user base providing constant modifications , but it is also conveniently maintained with security software.

However, even if you have done the right steps and have started your blogging website, you would have still fallen into the issue of not having enough viewers.

For that, here are a few reasons why you might not be utilizing digital marketing practices for your site's benefit.

Managing Your Content

Depending on what you're writing about, people nowadays find it harder to keep their attention span in focus while online. You might have noticed that articles are now providing a 'standard reading time' on their materials, so readers will know the length of what they are reading. Making sure that your blog posts aren't dull has various solutions:

Having a Catchy or Straightforward Title

Providing sub-headings to categorize your paragraphs is an excellent way to make them feel that they're progressing in what they're reading instead of reading one lengthy article. Add visuals to supplement your articles such as royalty-free stock images or adding some photos of your own to keep them fresh and easy to remember.

Knowing What's Trending

One of the many mistakes that young bloggers experience is that they start with a niche topic. If you're talking about something that you're passionate about, make sure to make use of trending keywords and hashtags so that they can reach an audience. However, the issue with this is that many people are looking for what you're writing about.

Schedule your posts accordingly with what's in so that you can ride the wave of internet traffic. Know the recent trends, whether it be in the news or the local scene, to be able to create blog posts organically into the flood of other similar topics. These are topics and trends 'netizens' can easily access with ease. An example of posting at an appropriate time is a post about summer getaway during summer. Now, you wouldn't read about summer tips during the winter, right?

Mastering Your Platform

Before you start pointing fingers at your web hosting service, you should first acquaint yourself with what your service provider's strengths and weaknesses are. Some blogging sites cater to journal entries, while others cater to lists on the latest trends. In contrast, some websites go for a more visual approach by providing photographers and illustrators with avenues to showcase their work.

Understanding how your platform works and what groups may be within your community will allow you to expand your viewer base. Art sites such as Tumblr and DeviantArt cater primarily to artists and make their users quickly access communities based on their preferences. Other websites follow this similar mode of categorizing their customers by allowing visitors to their page to browse people who create the same content.

Some websites make use of hashtags to categorize their posts, while others make use of pre-existing tags to keep their websites organized. Knowing how and when to use these tags will put your posts in the feed of people looking for similar topics without being initially subscribed to your blog page.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is a rising digital marketing tactic that is employed not just by bloggers but also by professional companies. Since they've realized that people stay online more than the previous generations, they've managed to tap into the algorithms of search engines and employ online marketing strategies for finding things around the web. Putting your website on the grid isn't as easy as it sounds, but direct solutions can remedy it.

Increasing organic posts linked to your page is the accumulation of posts that cater to your website. These can be in the form of injecting keywords or phrases that are 'natural' to your website, such as the website's name, which can bump up its place in the line of search engines. Having great reviews and visitor numbers can significantly improve your standing; this is why older websites made in the 2000s aren't getting first page hits as when they used to.

What to do next?

Once you've assessed what your problems are in terms of internet visibility, it might be time to invest in adding in a few much-needed updates to your site. Whether it be in terms of content writing, formatting, or even community-building, having an understanding of how digital marketing can help in your blog's visibility.

It can also give you an edge in getting those views (and those sponsors in the long run). With any problem that you can encounter, the internet is a viable and efficient way to solve your problems as long as you get advice from the right source. Getting a second opinion from digital marketing experts such as Chimes Consulting can give you an overview assessment of what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong with your site’s progression.

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