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About Us

Who are We


Chimes Consulting prides itself on its expertise in the fields of both Marketing and Information Technology. Through our industry research, understanding of the target market, and being up-to-date with the latest trends in marketing and technology, we quickly identify our clients’ challenges and provide design strategies to address them. We work hand in hand with different entrepreneurs and businesses--taking their brands to new heights!

We have a great community of Chimes consultants! We are driven, critical thinkers with a passion for problem-solving. We are a young innovative team who can provide only the best strategic approach and ideas to your business demands!

Our Vision

To be the most trusted and sought-after provider of marketing and I.T. solutions to businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Our Mission

We strive to build strong client relationships and deliver business solutions that will enable clients to achieve their full potential in business and technology while holding strong to our core values.
Our Promise

Best Solutions

Chimes Consulting is committed to providing only the best solutions to our client's IT and Marketing needs.

Competent Team

Our competent team is trained to uphold the best interest of our clients by being thorough in creating and delivering our finest output on time.


Creative and Relevant Content

We make it a point to achieve your objectives in coming up with creative and relevant content that would best reach the target audience and ensure that the technologies we create are manageable and customized for efficiency and adaptability to help you optimize your business operations. We act as business consultants and not mere suppliers. Our only goal is to help you succeed!

Our only goal is to help you succeed


Chimes Consulting's proficiency in both Marketing and Information Technology aim to support entrepreneurs and businesses to rise above their respective industries despite the competitive environment.

In our framework, we have integrated the factors that pave the way for success in any kind of venture. These factors serve as our areas of core competence as a company. We offer a holistic solution that covers all the essential aspects in Marketing and IT.

core values
C Commitment Our clients are our top priority and we commit to deliver the best service we can offer.
H Honesty We value integrity and high ethical standards in all of our business undertakings.
I Innovation We seek growth by encouraging diverse ways of thinking, new ideas and up-to-date methods to continually improve our services.
M Mastery Our team is adept in their respective line of expertise, ensuring that what we do, we do well.
E Efficiency We strive to optimize all resources and perform with maximum productivity to obtain the best service we could provide to our clients.
S Service At the heart of our business is supporting our clients to help them succeed, we are a service-oriented team offering our proficiency and skills to the business community.