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Student Information System

Centralized system for all school-related concerns

Handling an educational institution is no easy task, that is why we pave a more systematic and efficient business process!

We offer a Student Information System (SIS) that tracks all information, data and records of the student, staff and admin in a single cloud. This can also handle needs such as admissions and enrollment, accounting and budgeting.

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Top Benefits of a Student Information System
Efficient Enrollment and Admissions Process

These process may be overwhelming to handle if done manually.With the student information system, it will be easier to oversee and identify accepted applicants and enrollee and admission activity.

Better Information Storage

There is nothing wrong with traditional filing and storage, however, it would be inconvenient if information is needed right away. With SIS all student and staff information will be in one cloud that can be easily accessed by them.

Student Portal

This is an important benefit in SIS. SIS is a single source wherein students of the institution can access their different classes, schedules and reminder.

Academic Advising

With the access to students' information and academic activity, administrators and advisors can track their progress and their state while in the institution.

Effortless Communication Between Student, Teachers, Parents

There is a smaller barrier between the communication of students and the staff/administration. Different kinds of messaging and notification tools are provided.