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Brand with an edge

A stunning logo and a witty tagline will only get you so far. With more competition each day, how will you stand out among the rest? Your Brand DNA can help you with that! It is what your business is to you, your team and audience.

We make your business stand out in the competitive market by creating a strong visual identity through logos, colors and brand positioning. Working with us, we will help you attract potential customers to believe in your brand's purpose, positioning, promise, personality, values, and identity.

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Top Benefits of Brand DNA
Defined Brand Personality

Your brand DNA is your brand personality. Having a great brand DNA shows the tone and mood of your communication to your market. This is a great advantage to your business growth.


A great way to stand out among other competitors is your brand DNA. In brand DNA you differentiate yourself and your products offering better service.


Your Brand DNA is your identity to your market and potential market. it gives reassurance to your market that you are a legitimate brand and business there to help solve their problems.

Brand Positioning

Brand DNA means a more stable brand position in the market. All marketing and business efforts will be all related to it.

Brand Exposure

Having a cemented brand DNA will lead to more brand exposure and awareness. Brand awareness guarantees consistency and more related communication with your target market.

Chimes Branding

Building Brands and Relationships

Our branding services will help you stand out and be known. You will get professional advice and consultation from our marketing experts. We can help you design your logo, build your website, and create other assets that you may need.




We offer a faster way for you to start building your brand! Pick and choose the style of your company logo, font styles and color palette before your free consultation. Help us get an idea on the look and feel of what you want your business to represent.

Disclaimer: Logos presented above are done after the consultation with Chimes Consulting