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Why Aren't People Liking My Facebook Page

Aug 6, 2020 • Posted By Chimes Consulting

Why Is No One Liking My Facebook Page?

One of the easiest ways to promote your brand is by making use of the different social media platforms available today. By finding where your niche audience is, getting the quick and easy way to ‘free marketing’ online can make or break your business if you’re unsure where to start. You could just be having a lucky streak of customer engagement, or a one-trick spike in views, but if you’ve ever encountered stagnant engagement then you know you’re not utilizing the best that digital marketing has to offer.

What am I doing wrong that others are doing right?

It’s not the easiest thing to see what’s wrong with your own business model if you’ve never had a consistent and reliable history. But what you can do is take notes from other business pages. Instead of looking for cracks in your own strategy, why not first take a look at others’ successes (and failures) to see if you can learn from them or to avoid their choices. It’s a smart move to learn from your local competitor up to your big-name counterparts. Finding business models you can learn from can give you free tips and pointers on what works and what doesn’t.

Promote Variety

Chances are, your posts may have become stale towards your current followers. If all you do is post the same advertisements for promotions over and over again, then they won’t have any incentive to be surprised or to engage in your posts. Posting various content types from GIFs to video clips to photo albums to even sponsored stories, you can help guide Facebook’s algorithm in selecting your business page’s worth in terms of variety and patron engagement by keeping your page fresh and new.

Don't Forget Consistency

Though you might be compelled to post different kinds of media all the time, you could end up alienating your customer base by spamming too much all at once. Frequency is an integral part of social media marketing and staying on schedule is one of the many ways to get eyes on your page. Besides posting on time, you should also consider the thematic consistency of your content. Are you always posting advertisements? Are your promos aligned with your logo and brand in mind? Does your page’s visual and written direction follow the same design? Investing in your digital image can help keep your brand memorable and unique to your patrons.

Go Beyond  

One of the reasons why pages grow at a stagnant pace is because, more often than not, your young business page is only shared to you(or your employees’) friends and their friends. This limited reach is not uncommon to people starting out with their business pages, but if you’re still stuck on having mutual as your followers, then clearly you’re not taking advantage of breaking past your boundaries. Thankfully enough, Facebook makes use of Paid Promotions and Sponsored Stories to Boost your posts beyond your current reach. Though it will ask you to spend depending on the traffic that you garner depending on how long you keep yourself ‘sponsored’, it’s still a viable business move to go beyond your stagnant numbers,

Engage your patrons

A huge factor when it comes to understanding any social media platforms algorithm is in dealing with audience engagement. YouTube qualifies its top videos by ranking them not just in terms of views or likes, but also by considering its comments section and the amount of traffic that it contains. Social media posts on Facebook don’t usually last for a long time and tend to wither down a few days after it’s posted. Getting acquainted with the social media platform’s tools can give you an edge on how you can make a post last longer than it’s supposed shelf life.

To combat the lack of traffic, social media managers make use of the interactive nature of social media to tend to their customers’ engagement. Polls are often a great way to get a bit of statistically sound advice from your customer base on what they want from your product/service while at the same time promoting engagement to your posts. Running contests such as sharing and tagging their mutual to posts is another common tactic used by brands to promote awareness on their advertisements and to give their customers an incentive in doing ‘free marketing’ for your business page.

Strategize your posts to Align with current trends such as responding to political issues and reaffirming your stance on hot topics. Piggybacking on on-again-off-again waves such as holiday sales or discount giveaways of other industries can be an excellent way to win over some patrons from your competitors

Plan ahead

What young business owners tend to forget is the importance of planning ahead. Social media posts need to be planned  at least a month in advance so that there won’t be any trouble in staying consistent and keeping an active page. Planning ahead lets you schedule your posts  accordingly to see if you’re doing too much or too little to keep your customers engaged. Even if you’re experiencing a huge spike in traffic now, there’s no telling how you’ll fare in the next six months or the next year. Being aware of what you’ll be doing in the future can make it easier for you to adjust and adapt to problems you might face in the future.

Getting a proper assessment on whether or you’re doing ‘okay’ or doing your ‘best’ can be challenging to gauge if your only point of reference is your short history and the numbers of a handful of other pages. Digital marketing consultants such as Chimes Consulting can give you a heads up on what aspects of your social media marketing plan works and what doesn’t in your specific demographic niche.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of how to assess what you do right and what you do wrong with your business page, it’ll be much easier to grow your business’ image as you’ll be focusing on expanding your brand instead of plugging holes and weak points in your digital marketing strategy.