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Virtual Team Management

Aug 6, 2020 • Posted By Chimes Consulting

Virtual Team Management


Who should try it? 

Big companies that need to track time or bill by the hour. 

This is a simple, easy to use and unlimited time tracker for monitoring the time spent on a particular task.  It's free for personal use and even with the free version, it can provide productivity reports, giving clearer insight into the time spent by your team for work. 

When upgraded, it functions better for team use. The premium features include third-party integration with other productivity apps ( such as Trello and Google Calendar), customer billable time and budgeting, automatic invoicing, and time sheet approvals. 

The only disadvantage to this tool is that it's only limited to time tracking. Many small companies may find it necessary since manual tracking can be done. Because of this, it may be more recommendable to bigger businesses with more employees whose time needs to be monitored more efficiently.


Who should try it? 

Digital product designing teams who want to improve workflow. 

This tool is specifically for designing prototypes of digital products. Features include but are not limited to applications and websites. Its aim is to create unified and efficient workflows using its own Design System Manager and InVision Studio. One of the best things about the app is its pricing. You can pay based on how many projects you want to work on.

Whether it's free or premium, you get all the features you'll need. What makes the process more productive is its intuitive vector-based drawing and flexible layers. The tool has easy to use animation transitions, and seamless communication that keeps the team involved in the process. This tool works with third-party tools such as Trello, Slack, Microsoft Teams and the like.

Other great features are the free design training resources online, consistent backups to save progress and advanced security for protecting your projects. The biggest shortcoming of this app is its niche market. The benefits of this software are exclusive to teams or businesses dealing with prototype design. It can't be used for other kinds of tasks or operations.

Moreover, since its integrations are only for collaboration apps and not design apps, your team may need some time to learn how to use it rather than the tools they were using before. 


Who should try it? 

Digital product design teams to improve workflow. 

This is a tool specifically for user interface developing and designing projects. Zeplin's purpose is to create a stronger collaboration between designers and developers. It notifies everyone involved in the project about the changes or comments on certain tasks.

Zeplin also serves as a platform to monitor edited and completed tasks. With such projects, Zeplin can integrate with popularly used design apps. These apps include Photoshop, Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch. The good thing is it doesn't disrupt any of your ongoing projects or set processes. Your team doesn't need to re-learn a new program completely.

It also integrates with apps like Slack, Trello, and Jira, which makes it easier to add your current workflow. However, you pay for it based on the number of projects you want to do to get the features you need. 


Who should try it? 

Teams in need of shared to-do-lists and monitoring. 

Trello is a to-do-list organizing platform that helps teams organize their tasks, works and deadlines. It has features that let you customize tasks through boards and cards. This application aims to provide a platform for your team to see everything that needs to be done, who's in charge of the task, when it's due and other important detail for managers to monitor. 

It helps build accountability and transparency while also encouraging collaboration and productivity. In its free version, users already get unlimited personal boards and 10 team or shared boards. Trello can also integrate with other productivity apps to your workflow like Evernote, Google Drive and Slack. However if you do choose to upgrade, you will have more automation and task commands, better security features, and large file size uploads.

There isn't really much of downside to using Trello. The only thing missing is a way to directly message or call members of the team.