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E-Commerce: Business Is Better Online

Aug 6, 2020 • Posted By Chimes Consulting

E-Commerce: Business is Better Online

In today’s society, everyone and everything is on the internet 24/7. Your family, friends, and even your favorite items are online. The internet has made it easier for us to do many of our errands such as work, projects and even buying and selling online!

This makes it a great platform for businesses today as well. The internet is what your business needs in this competitive playing field. Putting your business online and making it an e-commerce website has many advantages and benefits that can expand your business and brand in no time!

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Low Cost 

Unlike traditional businesses, an advantage of e-commerce is the low and efficient costing. You do not have to worry about rent or additional fees that come with a physical retail store. These additional fees such as security and employee salaries, electricity bills, print and out of home advertising and many more are not needed in e-commerce.

Only costs you have to think of are the cost of your domain, and your small team to help you manage your online business Many of the marketing and advertising of your business may be done by yourself or by your team or consulting firm which may have minimal to no cost at all!

New Customers

In traditional businesses, there are a lot of factors to consider such as store placement and advertising to be able to talk to your target market. This may be difficult especially if who you’re talking to is a niche market. With e-commerce, you can easily reach your target market through your digital marketing and advertising.

Not only that, you can gain new customers as well through email subscriptions and the different ads you have to target and re-target these potential leads. Lastly, if you are selling niche products, you have the potential to create new markets for these products.

Overcome Geographical Barriers

Another advantage of e-commerce is your business is not limited to a single location. The whole internet is your playing field. In E-commerce, you will have the opportunity to be able to showcase your different products online to a global and international market.

Since your business is not limited by geographical barriers, your target market and potential customers will be able to access your website through their different mobile devices.

Product Showcasing

With e-commerce, it will be easier for your target market and customers to view the different products and services you offer. With a properly developed website or platform, you will be able to showcase your best- sellers or top services and catch viewers attention instantly. The advantage of having e-commerce is that your customers can find products they usually cannot easily find in physical retail shops. Not only that, but also re-stocks of products and product reservations are done quicker.


Having an e-commerce website will always be convenient not only for your customers, but also for you! For customers, they appreciate the quick and easy way to be able to purchase products and services online anytime and anywhere. With e-commerce, payments are also usually done online as well through the different mobile devices.

For a business owner, such as yourself, you do not have to worry about physical store maintenance and other problems that come with traditional business. Many of your business agendas can be done from the comfort of your own home and leave you to have a more flexible time with your day

If you are new to e-commerce or thinking of putting your business online, there are a few things you can do. First is to learn from others. Ask for tips from different business men and women who are maximizing the use of the internet! You may learn a lot from their strategies. Second, research is key.

Besides first hand experiences from your network, always do research to be able to understand what starting an e-commerce website can do for your business. You may also be able to find the best ways to optimize your website. Lastly, ask for help. There are different reliable consulting firms such as Chimes Consulting that can give you assessment and advice for your business. A professional team can always help you with the right tools you need for your e-commerce